About Us

North American Bluebird Society

History of the Bluebird Recovery Program

Dick Peterson came to the Minneapolis Chapter of Audubon in 1979 and asked for help in answering hundreds of letters and requests for plans he received after a article featuring his longtime bluebird work and his unique nest box was published in the Minneapolis Star & Tribune. The Bluebird Recovery Program was quickly organized as a committee of The Minneapolis Chapter of the National Audubon Society. Originally part of the Conservation Committee, BBRP eventually became financially independent , but still retained the non-profit status of  the Audubon Chapter. A $23 minimum donation is requested to cover our annual expenses. At the time of organizing, BBRP was the first state bluebird organizations in the nation, and our membership numbers soon rose to 2300. As many other states created their own bluebird clubs or programs, many joined their own state organization, with BBRP’s encouragement. A quarter of our current members are still in states other than Minnesota. Current total membership is around 800.  Information packets have been requested by over 12,851 people since 1979!


The volunteer BBRP Committee guides the policies, decisions and organizes the Annual Conference of Bluebirders. Attendance is usually around 300 people. County Coordinators are available for assistance. The Annual Directory of Bluebirders provides contact information for everyone completing the annual bluebird report form. Consultation and advice is always available by telephone, e-mail, mail correspondence, and in the field if possible. BBRP is an affiliate of the North American Bluebird Society (NABS) and cooperates with the Nongame Program of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. BBPR is a committee of Audubon Chapter of Minneapolis. 

Advantages of Becoming a Member

 Enrollment in the Bluebird Recovery Program includes:  initial Information Packet containing a full color Trial Guide, Top Ten Tips including colored Nest Guide, Record Keeping booklet, Pole Assembly instruction sheet, yearly Report Form and quarterly Newsletter.  There are also annual informational meetings and a yearly Bluebird Expo.  Consultation and advice are available by phone, e-mail, correspondence or in the field.  Enrollment contributions are tax deductible.