County Coordinator Notes


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Morrison County – September 27, 2023

As the volunteer naturalist at Lindbergh State Park this past summer I organized and led the weekly 10am Sat morning trail walk focused on the cavity nesting birds and the BBRP nesting boxes in Lindbergh State Park.

Lindberg SP - 2

Brian Schlattman, Minnesota Master Naturalist Volunteer

Hennepin County – August 26, 2023

The Hennepin County Bluebird group gathered for their annual fall get together to share their season’s trail experiences and see who had the best site to fledge ratio. The group was smaller this year, but everyone had a good time.


– Lisa McIntire – Assistant County Coordinator 

Washington  County – June 24, 2023

Gammel Museum - 1
Gammelgarden Trail-4
 David, Jane and their grandson checking the New Gammelgarden Museum trail in Scandia!



Pine County – June 22, 2023

Another cool, wet spring delayed nesting for about a month again this year. First bluebird sighting was 4/13/23. First nests were recorded on 5/3/23, 4 of them. After that, activity picked up like crazy.

Swallows are prolific this year, occupying 32 of the 59 boxes. But the bluebirds are holding their own despite. Box check on 6/21 showed 31 fledged, 15 chicks still in the nest and 7 eggs laid for a second brood. A warm, dryer spring might have resulted in less swallow nests in the bluebird boxes, as the swallows arrive after the bluebirds up here. Maybe next year. 

One box had 4 eggs laid on the bare bottom of the box, with no nest built at all. I was curious to watch this unfold, but unfortunately a bear hit that box, tipping it over, and it was abandoned by the parents.

Bears hit 7 boxes in the last 2 weeks, 3 bluebird and 4 swallow nests. New bluebird nests were started in 4 of those after they were repaired and remounted. No bear predation since then. The new style boxes held up great to this predation, suffering no damage. Straightening out the conduit poles and remounting was all that was needed. The 1 Peterson style box hit by a bear was torn to pieces!

A couple of things I’ve done to the new style boxes to improve them: 

For the wooden floors of the boxes, I’ve inserted a plastic food container cover on the bottom, for easier clean out. I did this because one box of four chicks died and by the time I checked the box the next week, it was a gooey, stinky mess that had soaked into the wood. Took a bit of cleaning/disinfecting to get that out of the wood. I experimented with 5 boxes to begin with. The bluebird (and swallows) seem to have no problem with this, nesting as normal. I’m putting those all the new boxes now. Below is a picture of the nestless box with 4 eggs, it shows the red cover I’ve been using in the bottom of my boxes.


So, a fair nesting season so far, with promising results of second broods underway
– Jean Olsen

Fillmore and Houston County – May 6, 2023

Filmore and Houston Counties        

       31 sights
         3 with full nests
       20 with eggs in box
        2 with chicks hatched
        6 empty boxes
 Things should pick up with some warmer weather.
        Mike Jeresek


Hennepin  County – April 17, 2023

Happy Spring everyone!  The 2023 Bluebird season has begun! The golf course that hosts my trail (Dwan in Bloomington) opened on April 12th, and I had an opportunity to look at my bluebird trail this afternoon for the first time. I found one bluebird nest with one egg! I also saw a pair of bluebirds on another house, so there are at least two bluebird nests on this trail so far. I also found four other nests in process that could be either a bluebird or chickadee. Unfortunately I also found and removed two sparrow nests (neither with eggs).

And I’m not the first person in our group to see bluebirds this year. Marshall Johnson reported to Jack Hauser that bluebirds were at his backyard house on Easter. So the birds are active here in Bloomington.

Submitted by Lisa McIntire – County Coordinator assistant – Hennepin Co.