What are the Correct Answers to all These Questions?

Here’s what NABS has to say. “As you know, BBs and several other species do like the meal worms. As stipulated in our NABS info sheet on mealworms, the live mealworms are very nutritious for baby BBs and provide needed moisture / water as they develop.   And while they will also devour the dried worms, we recommend alternating live and dried for our feathered friends.” Additionally, “We looked closely at the article that espoused that dried worms were deleterious to BBs .. but did not find research or data to support that theory.”

They further “.. recommend that mealworm feeders / trays not be placed too close to nest boxes (about 20+ feet away, if possible) since it will attract other birds.”

Also remember this, taken from the above mentioned info sheet, “Because they do not provide complete nutrition, mealworms should be used as a supplemental food only. They are calcium depleting, which can leave young birds with weak bones or cause egg binding in laying birds.”

Their final and wise synopsis “Everything in moderation”.