Bluebirders Photos

14th Annual Southeastern Minnesota Bluebirders’ Picnic lead by Olmsted county coordinator Mary Bailey at the Chatfield United Methodist Church on September 21th.

ClareSEM Bluebird Group enjoying their picnic lunch!


ClareSEM 100 patchers, L to R: Quint Lohse, Vince and Laura Mangan, Bill and Mary Bailey, Mike Jeresek. Not pictured: Don Johnson


The annual season-end breakfast gathering of the Hennepin County Bluebirders lead by county coordinator Jack Hauser. With a special presentation by Stephanie MacPhail a teacher at Washburn Elementary School in Bloomington highlighting her efforts, with Jack’s help, to establish a children’s bluebird trail. A good time was had by all!

ClareBloomington, MN, October 5, 2109


Learning where to get a free meal!

ClareAlex, Chatfield, MN, August 6, 2109


This momma bluebird either can’t read or disobeys directions!

ClareClare, Red Wing MN, June 23, 2019


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